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Acupuncture is an old Traditional Chinese treatment method that involves assessing the body’s own energy at the acupuncture points, which are certain areas on the meridians where blood and energy have a propensity to gather. Fine needles or pressures is applied at these sites to remove obstructions, strengthen the body, and restore a regular flow of energy along the meridians.

It is based on the theory that energy “Chi” flows around and through your body. It’s a way to influence or unblock chi and help it balance the flow. We insert very thin needles at specific areas on your body to influence the energy flow. We also add pressure, heat, or mild electric current with needles sometimes.

You receive an integrated approach during a consultation period. Our expert practitioner will make a complete medical history and analyze the cause of imbalances or health problems. They then choose specific body areas, where several fine needles are inserted in specific points and left in position for around 15 minutes.

Acupuncture is usually painless, and our patients report a deep sense of relaxation throughout and after the treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to restart the body’s energy by relieving muscular pain and improving the symptoms of the disrupted flow of “chi” associated with poor diet, physical trauma, overwork, and emotional upset.

Our trained acupuncturists use special needles to perk up your body’s natural healing chemicals, stimulating a natural rebalancing of energy and wellness. Our team can help you treat the following conditions;

Delicate use of this traditional therapy can also help you manage a variety of conditions.

Our team can help you treat the following conditions:

At HealthWorks we help you use acupuncture to heal in a relaxing, comfortable, and professional environment. Our therapists bring all their passion, experience, and training to their work, helping you reset from emotional stress, discomfort, or pain to feel healthy and enjoy life. Our acupuncture services also include techniques like acupressure and cupping.

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