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Orthotics is a medical specialty focused on applying externally applied devices used to enhance the structural and functional attributes of the skeletal and neuromuscular system. Ithelps people to recover from or prevent injury or live with stable conditions. The purpose of orthotics care is to provide prescription braces, insoles, calipers, splints, helmets, spinal jackets, and footwear, helping people avoid and recover from injury.

The pain can often spread over the foot; thus, it can be tough to pin down exactly what the problem is, and that’s where orthotics can help. We do a thorough biomechanical assessment and take the time to find an effective diagnosis. If we diagnose a biomechanical foot issue, insoles can be a non-invasive approach for a cure.

Orthotics care involves support and wise use of the orthopedic appliances to improve the body parts’ structure & function and correct the unusual deformities. At HealthWorks, we are always ready to make an enormous difference to your foot comfort and help relieve a broad range of biomechanical and foot conditions.

Our orthotics:

We provide advice and intervention for our patients who have gait, foot, and lower limb problems and need supportive fixes. Our highly-trained and experienced staff can help you choosing the perfect devices to help you with improved mobility, independence, pain relief, pressure relief, and low ulceration rate.

We deliver the following orthotics services at HealthWorks Rehab

  1. The provision and fitting of hand splints and collar, internal shoe raise, simple inlays, and heel pads
  2. The provision and fitting of custom footwear
  3. The provision and fitting of helmets, orthoses, spinal and abdominal corsets, trusses, calipers, footwear adaptation, and braces
  4. Fitting of pressure garments and compression stocking
  5. The provision and fitting of temporary corsets and orthoses
  6. The provision and fitting of special neurological collars and helmets
  7. Lymphoedema upper limb garment

We offer a regular maintenance plan, reassessment, repair, and review of the need once an orthothic has been provided.

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